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Gullivers Cove Oceanview Cottage

660 Gullivers Cove,
Nova Scotia,


Tel: (902) 245-4388


Town: Digby

Nestled in the quaint fishing village of Gulliver’s Cove on Digby Neck, this tastefully decorated bungalow hosts one of the finest views that Nova Scotia has to offer.

Rich in heritage, the Loyalists settled in this area over 200 years ago. Once a small farming and fishing village, Gulliver’s Cove is now home to several small businesses such as a Dulse company, local run fish plant, Emu Farm & greenhouses to name a few. The local residents are warm and welcoming to all who come to visit.

Take a stroll along one of the nearby rocky beaches and you might just come across a small treasure or some sea glass washed up by the tide. Watch one of the local lobster or scallop boats passing by or catch a glimpse of one of our many whales, seals and porpoises living in and around the Cove.

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Map showing location of Gullivers Cove Oceanview Cottage

Map showing location of Gullivers Cove Oceanview Cottage

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