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Mersey River Chalets

Nova Scotia,


Tel: (902) 682-2443


Town: Caledonia

Welcome to Mersey River Chalets, a four season wilderness resort whose creators combine a love for the earth and a vision of a unique nature experience accessible to all people.

Embedded within the magical woods of Nova Scotia you will find seven secluded Chalets nestled along the Mersey River and where the river enters Harry Lake five Sioux style tipis offer accommodation for the more adventurous.

Whether you are looking simply for a relaxing and peaceful retreat or for numerous outdoor activities, we are sure you will enjoy your stay and leave with a memorable experience.

We invite you to take in the beauty of the sun, the moon and the stars. . .

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Places near by Caledonia

  • Caledonia ( approx 1 km )
  • South Brookfield ( approx 4 km )
  • North Brookfield ( approx 4 km )
  • Hibernia ( approx 5 km )
  • West Caledonia ( approx 5 km )
  • Kempt ( approx 6 km )
  • Molega ( approx 8 km )
  • Maitland Bridge ( approx 10 km )
  • Labelle ( approx 11 km )
  • Greenfield ( approx 13 km )
  • Middlefield ( approx 13 km )
  • Bangs Falls ( approx 14 km )
  • Hemford ( approx 15 km )

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